Increase your Flash Drive

13/01/2017 Main
Increase your Flash Drive

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Razer Mamba Review

01/01/2017 Main
Razer Mamba Mouse Review

Hello there everyone, welcome back to another exciting look into the world of computers and electronics. I hope you all had an amazing holiday, and if you didn’t get what you wanted that you were able to find it after the holidays. That’s what happened for me, and I found the tournament mouse I have been longing for; a mint condition Razer Mamba from this auction and classifieds website, and that link will take you right to the Razer Mamba page so you can grab one yourself! It may not be the Deathadder but I am in love with it and if you play DOTA, League of Legends or Smite then you will love it as well. Read more


Outsourcing IT

02/12/2016 Main
Outsourcing IT

Many business leaders state that the most important asset of any organisation are it’s people, or staff, few would argue with that. The second most important asset of any organisation is it’s information, I would wholeheartedly agree with both claims. The problem is that outsourcing IT is a very attractive proposition, for the same reason outsourcing anything that is not your core business. For example, why would an investment bank invest in an IT department of their own, when it’s not their business, they’re an investment bank after all. Read more

Why you should buy the Kindle Paperwhite.

24/11/2016 Main

Why you should buy the Kindle Paperwhite. Read more

External Hard Drives

23/11/2016 Main
External Hard Drives

Hey there peeps, welcome back to another exciting entry in my electronics blog! I know you all are probably getting geared up for thanksgiving, I sure am! The wife’s whole family is coming down, including the dozen or so young kids! Yay! I am bubbling with excitement! Well I actually am because this year I got 6 external hard drives full of more TV shows and movies than you could shake a stick at. We got 3 TV’s, 2 laptops, and 2 tablets plus whatever everyone else is bringing so these kids should be able to watch Frozen and the same episode of Spongebob Squarepants as many times as they want, wherever they want. I love having all these little hard drives to whip out whenever is needed. I have 20 of them all together excluding flash drives and solid state hard drives and they are the most useful piece of technology I have( mostly because my stupid phone doesn’t work) Read more

Educational Computer Games

22/11/2016 Main
Educational Computer Games

Hey guys, a warm welcome back to my computer and electronics blog. I know that a lot of you reading this are parents, and as parents who read a computer blog where I talk about gaming often I would assume you want to get your child into gaming or already have. If you already have then you know where I'm going, but if not then let me show you the world of Educational Computer Software. I was born in the beginning of the computer age, where most people had a computer in their house. My mom got me on the computer at home very early, and had me using the mouse before I could sue my own legs. This has definitely helped me out, from my prowess in video games to my ability to use most electronic gadgets with no issue. These educational software were very helpful to my development and if you have a small child I suggest you give them a go. Read more

Apple Pencil

21/11/2016 Main
Apple Pencil

Hi everyone.  Welcome back to my computer and consumer electronic blog.   Read more

Apple Video Streaming

20/11/2016 Main
Video Streaming on Your Apple TV

Greeting fellow computer and electronics lovers, I am back! This week I picked up an Apple 40GB Apple TV from an online classified ads website and I have been so happy with it! I am able to sit in bed, eat pizza with my laptop directly on my crotch and watch something on the TV without having any cords to my laptop. Hizzah! This is what being on the top of the food chain gets you! Of course, I needed to have some good streaming options downloaded onto my Apple TV or it would be all for not. So, if you're like me and want to eat pizza in bed while watching grown men beat the ever-loving hell out of each other and then watch some weird brother sister stuff fully sanctioned by the FCC then you should download these video streaming apps. Read more


Weird or Wonderful

08/11/2016 Main

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iPad Pro

07/11/2016 Main
iPad Pro 

Hi there folks. Welcome back once again to my computing blog. I am uber excited to be back for another blog post about one of my favourite range of products by my favourite consumer brand. You guessed it, the Apple iPad Pro! I absolutely adore Apple products. The iMac, the Macbook Pro, the iPhone and of course, the iPad. The iPad Pro is the latest edition to the iPad range and, as I will go on to point out, not only has it improved on the achievements of its predecessors but it is delivering those improvements via a much bigger package! The iPad Pro is on the market now and you can get the cheapest prices and bargains on iPads for sale at the following website: Anyway, lets get onto giving you the rundown of the awesomeness of the iPad Pro and what you can expect from this phenomanal piece of kit! Read more


HP all in one

02/11/2016 Main

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Worktops Laptops

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Blog Introduction

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